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aarom abdomen abdominal abdominals abduct abduction abnormal abnormality abs acceleration acetabulum adduct adduction adductor adductors agility alex alignment anatomical anatomy angle ankle ankles anterior aqua aquatherapy aquatic aquatics arch arches arm arms arom art arts asian balance balancing ball band bar barbell baseball belly bench bend bent bicycle bicycling big toe bike bitilasana blade blow body bone bones box brain breath breathe breathing bridge bridgette bridging brocade button cait calcaneus capacity carpal carpals carry carrying cat catch central cerebellum cervical chest child's climb climbing coccyx cocking concussion conditioning coordination core correction cow cuboid cuff cuneiform curve curves cut cycle cycling d1 d2 dante deceleration decompression decreased deep defend defense deltoid depression deviation deviations dexterity dhanurasana diagonal digit digits dip dive dog dorsal dorsi dorsiflexion dorsum double downward dribble dribbling dumbbell dysfunction early elbow elbows elevate elevated energy erector eversion exercise extend extended extension extensor extensors external extremities extremity eye face facing fallen farmer farmers feet femoris femur finger fingers flat flex flexibility flexible flexion flexor flexors foot football footed forward forward head fours frontal fubula full functional gastroc gastrocnemius genurecurvatum glute gluteus gong grasp grip groin half hamate hamstring hamstrings hand handle handling hands head heading heel hemisphere hip hips hockey horizontal humerus hyper hyperextend iliac iliacus iliopsoas increased inner internal inversion inverted jas jog jogging joint joint femoral juggling jump katrina kendra kick kicking king knee kneel kneeling knees kyphosis kyphotic ladder lat late lateral latissimus lats le le strengthening leg leg conditioning leg strengthening legged legs lengthener leo lift lifting lion liza lobe lock lordosis lordotic low lower lower back lower extremity lower extremity conditioning lower extremity strengthening lower leg lumbar lumborum lunate lunge lying madison mai mandible marathon maria martial material max maximus medial meditate meditation mermaid metacarpals metatarsal metatarsals mid middle mobility mobiliy motion mountain mtp muscle muscles muscular navicular neck nerve nerves nervous neutral nikki normal obliques occipital of on one opposite overhead palm palmar parietal pattern paul pedal pedaling pelvic pelvis pes phalanges phalanx photograph photography physical pigeon pip piriformis pisiform pitch pitching plank plant plantar plantarflexion planting planus plate player pnf pool pose posterior posture pre pre's pres press progressive pronate pronated pronation prone protract protracted protraction psoas pubic pubis puck pull pulling punch push pushing pushup qi ql quadratus quadriceps quadruped quads quarterback radius raise range range of motion range or motion realignment relax relaxation relaxing resistance resisted resistive resitance rest resting retract retracted retraction rhomboids rib ribcage ribs rolls rom rotation rotator rotators rounded rouunded run runner running sacral sacro sacroiliac sacrum sag salutation scaphoid scapula scapular seated self serratus shoot shoulder shoulders shrug shrugged si side sidebend sidelying sit sitting skate skeletal skeleton skull sleep sleeper slide slouch slouched soccer spinal spine split sport sports sprint squat stability stable stag stand standing stationary stick straddle straight straight leg raise strength strengthening stretch stretching sun supine surf swing symphysis system tadasana talus tarsal technique techniques temporal therapy thigh thoracic throw throwing thumb tibia tilt tired toe toes toshiro towel towel slide traction trapezius trapezoid triquetral triquetrium trunk turn twist ulna umbilicus up upper uppper vestibular walk walker walking warrior water weight weightbearing weights wheel wheeled walker wide wind work worker wrist wrists yoga
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